The Margarita is a cocktail from the ‘sour’ family of cocktails and can be served any of three ways!  Firstly it can be served straight up, on the rocks or as a frozen margarita which is blended with ice.



40ml Tequilla

20ml Triple sec (Cointreau)

20ml Fresh Lime Juice


Use a freshly cut lime to wet the margarita glass round the outer rim.  Now dip the rim into a plate filled with salt making sure no salt gets in the inside of the glass.

Straight up

Shake all the ingredients with ice and then double strain into a margarita glass

On the rocks

To serve on the rocks prepare as above but add ice to the margarita glass before straining the drink in.


Add all the ingredients into a blender with a scoop of crushed ice.  Blend and serve into a margarita glass.


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