Your bartender may be bored of making them but there is a reason the Mojito spent many years as the most popular cocktail in to world.  Check out the recipe below!



40ml rum

1/2 large lime or 3/4 small lime quartered or cut into wedges

8 mint leaves

2 teaspoons sugar

crushed ice



Add the sugar, lime and mint leaves to a collins glass.  Add a tiny dash of soda to lubricate and then with a muddler press down on the limes & mint to release the juices of the limes and oils from the mint (make sure you don’t go too hard and break up the mint into little pieces).

Add the crushed ice and rum and stir a few times until the sugary lime starts mix in to the drink.  add more crushed ice and top up with soda giving it one last stir before serving!


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